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Demitri’s Tutorial

How to make the world’s best Bloody Mary on the planet, using Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings.

Testimonials and More

The story behind the man that started it all, along with testimonials from key people that stand by his products.

A Million Dollar Idea

A piece on the successes of the world’s most awarded Bloody Mary, and the man behind the idea.

Why we use Demitri’s – El Gaucho & Demitri’s Bloody Mary

“it’s just always a perfect and consistent product, it’s just fantastic”

FX McRory's & Demitri's Bloody Mary

"If you want to put out a quality product, I know that Demtiri’s is going to give me that."

TINI BIGS & Demitri's Bloody Mary

“The way it's designed, it’s also very user friendly.”

RAM & Demitri's Bloody Mary

“High volume places really need an ingredient like Demiti’s Bloody Mary Seasonings, because it produces that quality and consistent flavor that people generally look for.”

Dukes Chowder House & Demitri's Bloody Mary

“We were very reluctant to switch to a different product, but once we tasted Demitri’s, we realized it was not only a better product, but it saved us a lot of time.”