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 Tony Abou-Ganim - World Renowned Author, Beverage Pioneer and Leading Bar Professional
"My goal is always to serve the best drinks possible, made from scratch with the finest ingredients, consistently. Demitri's Seasoning's ensures I serve my guests a great Bloody Mary, every time!" 
 Anthony Dias-Blue
"the perfectly balanced drink"
 Robert Hess- American Cocktail Expert
"...the only one I can really recommend is Demitris"
 Kathy Casey– Celebrity Chef, Author and Cocktail Expert
“When stirring up a Bloody Mary, Demitri’s is my go to for making a high quality drink that is consistently good each time. It’s versatile and great to cook with, too!”
 Robert Plotkin– Author, Cocktail Expert and Beverage Management Consultant
 “If you’re looking to elevate your Bloody Marys into the spectacular range, venture to Demitris.”
 David Commer– Chain Account Beverage Specialist
“Demitri’s Seasonings makes it possible to offer made from scratch quality Bloody Marys on a consistent basis.”
 Michael Politz, Publisher - Food & Beverage Magazine
"my all-time favorite Bloody Mary"
 The Modern Gentleman by Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro
"Our pick when 100 percent from-scratch is unlikely (or head-poundingly impossible) is the incomparable Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning.”