Extra Horseradish

4 Reviews
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Just like the name says, we got lots of people telling us they love our Seasonings but they kept adding more horseradish; so we saved the trouble. You'll get a great aroma and zesty horseradish experience with this one!

In fact we guarantee* Demitri's will outperform your current Bloody Mary mixes for flavor, appearance and body in any of our recipes.

Check out all our convenient pack sizes - something for every size party!

2 Ounce Pouch - Each pouch makes a quart of Bloody Mary Mix when added to tomato juice, V8 or Clamato!

8oz Bottle - We call this pack size The Traveler. Make one Bloody Mary at a time with enough seasonings left over to marinate a few steaks....or make more Bloody Marys!

16oz Bottle - Perfect for bar use - Flip-Top dispenser and our squeezable, shatterproof PET bottle helps make individual drinks or batches perfect, every time, in not time!

64oz Jug - High volume sports bars, golf tournaments and the morning after bachelor party.

Cases - Way better deal than buying bottles alone, and you might have extra bottles to share with friends!

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews


Perfect blend of heat and flavor


Having tried all four mixes, this one is my favorite. It has the perfect blend of heat and flavor. The Chili pepper mix is also good but has more of an oaky taste to it. As for the Habanero, you better have your big boy pants on because it is HOT! They are ALL good, but this one strikes me as the classic bloody!

A little bit short


I LOVE horseradish so this was not a winner for me. If you just want a hint of horseradish it might work for you.

Not too Horsey


I use all the flavors of Demitris, and for a little variety you should check this out. You will enjoy the subtle horseradish flavor with a dill pickle garnish. Once you drink my bloodies with Demitris, you won't drink any other!<br><br>Be sure to use premium juice with no high fructose corn syrup for the ultimate!

Fantastic - throw out the pre-mix


Never need to buy the pre-mix "stuff" any more. Great flavor, easy to use and the Rim Shot is spectacular.